Most of the towns in the region are very charming and filled with personality but they’re also not what people would consider to be beautiful in the traditional sense. Luckily, Hoi An seem to be shinning in a very different way among many of others.  It is imperative for you to enjoy 5 things below if you have only a couple of days exploring the many wonders that Hoi An has to offer.

  1. Riding a bike around Hoi An Ancient Town
    riding in hoi an

Considered by many as the most beautiful Old Town you’ll ever find in South East Asia, the historical area of Hoi An is a very interesting mixture of French and Vietnamese architecture. The architecture and the streets are small and narrow so it’s so fund to spend hours simply riding a bike around streets.  Wallowing in the traditional atmosphere of the homes and colors of the streets which are all indicative of many cultural influences upon this tiny port town and catching lovely smiles of local peoples.

  1. Taste all of nightly street food stalls
    food at night

When night time comes, the Old Town of Hoi An becomes a paradise for foodies. With so many options to choose from, it is definitely hard to decide what to have for dinner! Best combine suggestions are a hearty portion of Bun Cha which includes vermillion noodles with BBQ Pork and crab spring rolls. Besides, there are many different dishes of Vietnam you should try.

  1. Get a bespoke suit made by a professional tailor
    tailor in hoi an

You can suit up like Barney Stinson and get a bespoke suit made in Hoi An for prices way lower than anywhere else in the world. Many tourists coming to Hoi An are sure that suits made in Hoi An are not only fast but also beautiful and cheap. It only takes a few hours to complete a bespoke suite made by a profession tailor. Even if you cannot wait, leave your measurement and address, tailor will send you the products when they finish. Here are some ethical companies you should choose for getting a bespoken suite in Hoi An.

  1. Indulge in the world’s best Banh mi sandwich
    banhmi hoi an

One of the most favorite things to do in Hoi An is enjoying all the amazing food. Honestly, Vietnamese cuisine in general and Banh mi in particular is one of the most appealing things on the planet. “Banh mi” is considered as the world’s best sandwich. This is a good combination of many ingredients together: pork liver pate, handmade mayonnaise, pork floss, grilled porl, head cheese, pork patty, pickled papaya, long sliced cucumber, sliced tomato and cilantro, spring onion, mints,…All these ingredients combining together is what makes the Banh mi so tasty and special. Where to have good Banh mi in Hoi An? Here are some famous addresses: Banh mi

Phuong, Banh mi Khanh, Banh mi Lanh,…

  1. Boat rides along river
    boat trip

1 or 2-hour boat rides along the river are a popular trip when in Hoi An. Whether you’d like to head out on a bamboo boat with a local fisherman to learn local fishing techniques, or would prefer a short cruise in a modern boat to Cua Dai Beach, there are plenty of options for getting out on the water. By traditional sampan or luxury yacht, the most popular time for a river cruise is sunset. Or, if you’d like to see life on the river at its liveliest, rush hour is at 7am, or 4:30pm if the former is too early. Sailing past the jolly lantern-lit streets when the full-moon festival comes to town is also popular.