1. Wandering about the old streets
    The most awesome you should try when visiting Hoi An Ancient Town absolutely cannot miss wandering about the streets. Walking around and contemplate the traditional design in old houses with erstwhile roof, enjoying the fragrant tea and visiting many places which make unique signatures of Hoi An are definitely interesting experiences.
    Walking round Hoi an Town 1 Walking round Hoi an Town
  1. Exploring all the ins and outs by bike
    The early morning and nightfall are perfectly suitable time for riding bike to explore all the ins and outs of ancient town. Renting a bike to go for a ramble around streets and little alleys is worth trying. You can have a ride on bicycle along lovely poetic Hoai River or go further and contemplate charmingly green fields along endless roads.
    riding bike in hoi an town riding bike in hoi an town 1
  1. Enjoy black coffee
    How strange it is if you have a black coffee and enjoy the panoramic scenery from high point. It’s a surely unique experience because people are used to seeing Hoi An through the one-floor ancient houses. The third or fourth floor of any coffees or top floor of any buildings is ideal places for you to get panoramic view of town and see crowd streets.cafe pho hoi an cafe pho hoi an 3
    cafe pho hoi an 2

    4. Trishaws have its unique reputation
    Beside walking around or riding bike, it’s unforgettable to mention trishaw as a popular transportation in old town. Trishaw becomes a famous signature with many tourists coming to Hoi An. Sitting in trishaw and have a glimpse into fascinating beauty and peaceful lifestyle of local peoples.xich lo pho co hoi an xich lo hoi an
  1. Boat rides on the Hoai River
    Many tourists find 30-minutes boat rides on the Hoai River at any time during day a special experience. Boat rides on Hoai River offer both gorgeous views of landscapes and compelling stories told by boatmen or fellow riders. Especially, you can set free lighted flowers which convey your wishes into Hoai River in Hoi An Ancient Town.
    go on boat on hoai river at hoi an go on boat on hoai river at hoi an1

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