Of all the things that you should to do in your holiday in Hoi An, sitting at a local coffee shop is of the most essential. On exploring the leisuring vibe of this ancient city, there is no better way than adoring this pretty town from quaint window while being at a lovely and quiet coffee shop. Here we will give you 5 coffee shops that you should give a try when being in Hoi An.

  1. Hai Coffee

Anyone who visits Hoi An should come here at least once. This coffee shop attracts the eyes with wonderful decoration featured the distinctive yellow-painted wall and old Hoi An traditional house. It has a pleasant combination between traditional and modern style. Within its garden courtyard, you could feel connected to others and calm and solitary inside at once. Or you can opt for the space in front of the coffee shop which granted with the wonderful view of Hoi An street.

There are plenty of choices from Vietnamese-style beverage to Western dishes. It also offers cooking class and live-cooking session in the evening, which is a good way to explore about Vietnamese traditional cuisine.

  1. Mango Room

Mango Room stands out with their colorful decoration and nice dishes. It contributes as distinguish space for the tourism scene. It surely provides you an Instagram-friendly shooting place. Boasting a wonderful view into the river, it will also give you a space of joy and calm.

By night, May is also host to live music performance.

  1. The Chef

Offering a lovely balcony hanging above the crowded and peaceful walking street of Hoi An, The Chef comes as the first choice for anyone who craves for good-view coffee. Both Vietnamese and Western coffee are available here.



  1. May Concept

Designed with unique patterns and a favor for traditional taste in mind, May concept is an interesting choice for all travelers in their holiday in Hoi An. May will make your eyes can not stop rolling around and spotting little adorable things. May Concept also serves as a souvenir shop. Don’t not leave without bring home one of those cute pieces.

  1. Gemstone Art Museum

Here is the home to a fine collection of two hundred precious gemstones. This collection is a Duong Nga’s twenty-year work of collecting. The art exhibition space is combined with a nice local coffee shop at the back and on the second floor.

  1. Reaching Out

Reaching Out Tea Room is some kind of coffee shop which will imbed in your mind. It is run by a volunteer group whose job is to support people with hearing disability. With such a meaningful purpose, it has gained a lot of support and became a favored spaces of many visitors to Hoi An. Reaching out will give you a taste of different slice of life: a beautiful world of silence.

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