Hoi An is famous for its beautiful architecture and the friendly atmosphere it represents. Moreover, to a foodaholic, this is of the ideal places in Vietnam to find the most delicious food. And here we go to top 2 mouth-watering dishes that Hoi An could generously offer to its guests.

The first dish in our table today is Cao lầu. Its name means “the high floor”.  In the past, Hoi An is a famous trading town, where the tradesman from other countries gather and sell their good. It was an popular habit that tradesman used to have their meals at the high position in order to watch over their store. And that is how cao lau obtains its name.

Original recipe

At the very first look, this looks just simple and plain, nevertheless, its taste is absolutely the scoring point. There are many dispute over the origin of this dish, some said it was of Chinese root, other said it was the variation of Japanese udon. However, its method of making is not like any others, somehow, very original.

One unique ingredient which contributes to its distinguished taste is the ash made from firewood fetched from Cham Island, which is 19 kilometers away from Hoi An. This ash is mixed with water, in which rice is soaked. The water used to make noodles must be from Bá Lễ well, an ancient well made by Cham very long time ago. Even though many have attempt to recreate this dish outside the region, all has failed as the result of the absence of this specific ash and water. That is to say, only by visiting Hoi An could you find the authentic unique taste of Cao Lau.

Where can we find the best Cao Lau?

. Cao lau Bà Bé
Address : in the market on Trần Phú Street, Hội An. Serving hours: From 2 p.m.
. Cao lau Trung Bắc
Address:  87 Trần Phú, Hội An

. Thanh Cao lau
Address: 26 Thái Phiên Street, Hội An


Now coming to our next dish, Mì Quảng.


As the name can suggest, this dish is the distinctive, traditional culinary specialties originated from Quang Ngai Province. It has gained a wild popularity and becomes the pride of the province. The taste might be a little different as the result of different customizing style of the chefs, however, in general, they all have the similar form of yellowish color and being served with Vietnamese sesame rice crackers, fried shallots and herbs.

Mì Quảng is becoming a common dish, and to some extent, its fame is reaching close to the stage of Pho because you can easily find restaurants specialized in Mì Quảng in other regions and cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. However, to experience the original flavor, you could only go the its rooting places – here in Hoi An.

Here are some suggestions if you want to enjoy the real taste of an authentic bowl of Mì Quảng.

In Hội An, you can go to 6A Trương Minh Lượng, Hội An. Started since 1996, this is one of the place which can offer the best Mì Quảng. The quality is firmly guaranteed as it is favored and highly recommended by the locals. Once the locals send their voice, you know it is worth trying.

Some other famous restaurants which could provide you with good meal are:

. Quán Bà Minh. Address: Cẩm Hà, Hội An City.

. Ms. Hà’s food stall. Address: Thái Phiên Street, Hội An City.

Now, you can add these adresses to your bucket list of worth-trying actitities while visiting Hoi An.