Hoian is a must-visit destination for tourists who travel to Vietnam. Hoian with its peaceful and ancient beauty becomes one of the most popular and worth-going destinations that caters to tourists of tasters from worldwide. This old little town is a perfect candidate of what the tourism ministry of Vietnam aims to show the whole world.

Hoian is not only famous for incredibly beautiful scenes, but is also is a heaven for shopaholics. Tourists visiting Hoian is increasingly, which has formed a new market for traditional handicrafts as well as artistic creations in Hoian. With the hope to meet tourists’ desire, the combination of ancient customs and contemporary creativity pushes new boundaries and creates dazzling products. Travelling to Hoian, visitors usually buy 3 different main categories, including souvenir, clothing and food both Vietnamese and Western.

Before giving you important tips for shopping in Hoian, I would like to recommend you which items are deserved you purchase in Hoian. Here are top 7 gifts to buy when shopping in Hoian.

  • Silk Lantern: Silk Lantern is one of the symbols of Hoian. From long-distance countries to Vietnam, you should not forget to buy one. It is make Hoian unique and different from other places over the world. Silk is a famous item in Hoian; therefore, silk lantern is popularly made into production because of high demands in interior design. People said that the best time to purchase lantern is during the night when you can see exactly how they look like after lit up, beautiful or not.
  • Cloths: No matter how short your trip in Hoian is, you should still go shopping and choose the custom cloth for your own. The range is varied and wide with plenty of tailors who can carefully run up your desired silk suit; therefore you can easily find suitable one for yourself.
  • Seashell handbags: If your friends or family members have not had any handbag which is hand-made, this item is really an ideal gifts for them. You just simply go to souvenir and pick one you are interested.
  • Chopsticks: It is a unique feature in Vietnamese people dining table. You just see chopsticks in some Asian countries such as Vietnam, Japan, China, and Korea. Therefore, it is so great if you buy some pairs of chopsticks before you come back your hometown. It is surely a special gift for your friends and family members as well as your memorable experience.
  • Footwear: Shoes in Hoian are various in types and rich in designs. The sellers here are also very hospitable and enthusiastic so you will surely find pleasant shoes for your demands.
  • Paintings: Visiting Hoian, you will see most oil and water used to decorate the wall. Therefore, Hoian is also a great place for you to buy some paintings as gifts for your friends.
  • To He: To He is really a unique gift in Hoian, or in Vietnam in general. You will see many old women selling To He on the Street when visiting Hoian. This product makes Hoian more charming. It is so great if you come here and buy somes as gifts for your friends. It is extremely famous in this old town and attracts a lot of tourist. It looks so special and strange.

Particularly, Hoian is well-known for its clothing with skillful tailors. Whether your demand is Western styled suits, a traditional custom of Vietnam named Ao Dai, or anything else in between, there is a shop with the expertise and fabric essential to bring your demands for fruition.

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