1. Play with clay in Thanh Ha Pottery Village
Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An is a famous example in type of establishment that aims at furthering tradition as well as employment. The village plays an important role in the development of Hoi An Ancient Town. The products made by the villagers mainly serve the daily lives of the native people in domestic markets. The pottery products include bowls, jars, pots, animal shapes, in multiform and colors, and they are lighter than the same products in other places.
Thanh Ha Pottety Village 3 Thanh Ha Pottety Village 2
It is actually worth giving this place a skip. Going play with clay, painting a piece of pottery and making your own pottery make you absolutely feel interesting.
Thanh Ha Pottety Village 1 Thanh Ha Pottety VillageThe potters are welcoming and friendly, and they are happy to offer a seat to watch as they work.
2. Hoi An Fishing eco tour at Bay Mau Coconut forest
Bay Mau coconut forest is the World biosphere reserve lies in the mouth of Thu Bon River 5km from Hoi An ancient town. The forest has 7 hectares of palm forest, used to be an important base of Viet Cong during two wars against the French and Americans.
bay mau coconut forest 2 bay mau coconut forest 1
Hoi An fishing eco tour will rowing you through the the immense green coconut forest. And help you to experience the daily activities of people like throwing nets, dragging nets, peddling basket boats, especially taste the local specialties
3. Visit Kim Bong carpentry village the other side of Hoi An Town
It takes just 10 minutes by ferry-boat on Thu Bon River from town, the carpentry village of Kim Bong belongs to the Cam Kim commune, just on the other side of Hoi An. Kim Bong carpentry village was established with three group: Ancient architectural construction, civil wooden furniture and shipbuilding.
kim bong village 2 kim bong village 1
As the technique of Kim Bong carpenters is exceptional while at the same time keeping their tradition in their craftsmanship, their finished products have become an attraction, drawing lots of tourists to the village. There is no entrance fee to the village, where everyone is free to take a bicycle ride or walk around and explore the shops. Most tourists look around and admire the woodwork, take pictures, shop for fine woodwork to take home and even sign up for quick learning courses form the artisans themselves.
kim bong village 3Kim Bong’s more common-place products include traditional boats, furniture, religious statues, and finely crafted wooden doors. The village’s craftsmen bring with them woodworking skills inherited from their Northern Vietnamese forebears, including a willingness to go above and beyond the call of art – their statuary seems somehow more alive than similar work made elsewhere.
4. Become a farmer at Tra Que Vegetable Village.
Formed 300 years ago, Tra Que Vegetable Village is far from Hoi An Old Town on the direction of northeast. Coming to Tra Que Village, you will perceive cultural cachet of the traditional village and see the landscape of the green, clean and picturesque vegetable village with your own eyes. Specially, the vegetable village has several herbs containing medicine that is good for health and made up oriental medicines ( also called Vietnamese Traditional Medicines). Tourist can have some special experiences such as: practice vegetable farming with hoeing soil, planting, watering, harvesting vegetables, and so on, go to grassland to ride on a buffalo-back, take photos or filming the scenery of this village.
tra que vegetable village 1 tra que vegetable village Village-Tra-Que
Moreover, you will be soaked with legs into warm basins cooked from medicinal herbs for treatment of rheumatism, muscle pains, and so on. Combining with foot massage your feet will be treated for tiredness after having spent time traveling for a long time. It’s believed that you will feel buoyant and cheery and enjoy the real life of the local people of this village.
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