1. The best time to visit Hoi An

Hoi An has two seasons. Dry season runs approximately March until September; rainy season falls from around October until February. In terms of temperature and humidity, February to April is usually the most pleasant. Especially, on the 14th day of any lunar month, it’s the Lantern Festival and the old town is aglow with colorful lanterns, lively gatherings and ceremonies. This is a special time to find yourself in Hoi An. On this occasion, you can join many folk games, enjoy the delicious dishes, listen to the traditional songs and especially sightsee the coloful lanterns spreading throughout the streets and the streams of crowded people gathering here to join the festival.
2. Ideal packing list
– Luggage and bags: Bring or buy an extra bag if you plan on having lots of clothes or shoes
– Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Lightweight long pants/capris and shirts that cover shoulders – it’s quite hot and shorts and tank tops are not really appropriate. Make sure you have a hat, sunblock and water bottle that you carry with you at all times
– Toiletries and Medical Supplies:
A small bottle of antiseptic hand wash
A packet of wet wipes
A small packet of tissues
A tube of moisturizer
– Photo Equipment:
Batteries and/or battery charger
A digital camera battery charger and space memory card
A reliable international multi-power point adaptor
3. How to go to Hoi An
There are multiple ways to reach Hoi An from Da Nang
By car
From the center of Da Nang, take either of the major bridges including Dragon, Han or Tran Thi Ly Bridge and head towards the beach. Upon reaching the beach, turn right on Truong Sa Street and travel straight to Hoi An.
When in Hoi An area, for the shorter route to the Ancient Town, turn right to Hai Ba Trung Street. Then, turn right Tran Hung Dao Street, turn left to “10 thang 8” street and the hotel is on the right hand side.
It takes approximately 30-40 minutes by car depending on your starting point in Da Nang
By taxi
Throughout Da Nang, you can easily pick up a taxi among multiple service providers. The route is the same as the route described above.
Notable taxi operators:
– Vinasun: 0511.
– Mai Linh (Green one): 0511.
These two operators allow payment by credit cards (Visa or Masters). Please ask the drivers before hand.
The fee is approximately VND 700,000 – 800,000
We urge guests to take the figures above as reference only and negotiate directly with taxi drivers before hopping on any vehicle for the best and most updated fees.
By bus
Public buses depart from various stops in Da Nang for Hoi An once every 20 minutes from 05:30AM to 6:30PM. The last bus from Hoi An to Da Nang departs every day at 5:00PM.
The journey will take around 1 hour or more depending on your pick-up point in Da Nang. The last stop of the bus journey is Hoi An’s bus station. Hence, don’t worry about missing your stop if you fall asleep.
A ticket costs VND 20,000 per way either for locals or foreign tourists.
– Remember to bargain and show that you know what the fare is to avoid rip-off
By motorbike taxi
Known also as xe-om, motorbikes can be easily called on from almost everywhere in Da Nang. A round-trip costs usually from VND 350,000 to 500,000 depending on your negotiation.
Since motorbikes in Vietnam are usually small, they are not designed for guests with size or large luggage.
By rented motorbike
With only around $5 per day, you can rent a motorbike, preferably an automatic version, to drive around Da Nang and to go to Hoi An. The fastest route is described in the “by car” section.
Remember to fill the tank before embarking on your trip as there is no gas station on the highway along the coast to Hoi An.
4. Hotel

Hostel prices – There are a few cheap hostels in town for about 160,000 VND a night. But typically, you should budget to pay 200,000-300,000 VND per bed. Private rooms start at about 360,000 VND for two people. Lots of hostels offer free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and will have bicycles for you to rent and explore the town. Accommodation is inexpensive here with a night in a budget hotel costing from 270,000 VND for a double room. Quite a few places have pools, so if that’s something you want, make sure you pick one of them.
5. Food in Hoi An
Hoi An is surely an ideal stop it is a heaven for all foodies. Here are top 10 local food that you must try when visiting Hoi An
food in hoian
Cao Lau
Fried Wonton
Banh Mi
White Rose
Khot cake
Quang Noodles
Fried Mussels
Chicken rice
Black Sesame Sweet Soup
Grilled Pork with rice paper
6. Attractive destinations
Some Destinations in Hoi An Acient Town You Should Come At Least Once
Japanese bridges
Old House of Tan Ky
The Chinese Assembly Halls
Fujian Assembly Halls
Museum of Sa Huynh Culture
Hoi An Traditional Art Performance Theatre
destination in hoian
Many destinations near Hoi An that you certainly visit at least once
Kim Bong Carpentry Village
Cham Island
Cua Dai Beach
My Son Sanctuary