Situated on the bank of Thu Bon River about 2 kilometers to the West of Hoi An Ancient Town, Thanh Ha Village is one of the most popular destination that is not just a significant and traditional craft in Vietnam but also important means of livelihood. The Thanh Ha Pottery Village is a well-known example in this type of an establishment that aims at furthering tradition as well as employment.
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This village has a long historical legacy attached to it. During 16th and 17th centuries, the artisans from Nghe An and Thanh Hoa province came to Hoi An to start their business and brought with them the sophisticate recipe. During 18th century, the pottery making blossomed with the rapid development of Hoi An Harbor. However, in 20th century, because of the changing in flow of the river, Hoi An Harbor was sedimented and followed by a crisis time of pottery market. Then, with the improvement and renew of the technique, style and appearance, nowadays, the products from Thanh Ha pottery village has undeniable position on the market in Hoi An and middle regions of Vietnam.
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Based on the event dated back to the time in history, this village gained them sufficient renown to last them a lifetime. Henceforth, the village began a Mandrain system of grading craftsmen according to their talent. The pottery at the Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An are all manually crafted and are exported world over.
The first impression one comes to Thanh Ha village is a small village under the shadow of banyan tree, with columns of smoke come from kilns made of bricks as a signal for a new coming series of potteries. The clay on the Thu Bon banks is delivered to the villager, one part is for making tiles and the other is for producing potteries. Because the Vietnamese prefer using objects made of natural materials instead of plastic, the products are necessaries for daily life as flower pots, bowls or bottle; a few of them have decorated value as pottery pictures or Buddha statues. All of the potteries are handmade with traditional technique, so it becomes an alive-museum for the historians to invest into the outstanding pottery making technique of Vietnam and the South East Asian also.
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The Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An used clay mixing techniques, burning and baking time and heat modulations to bring out different colors like pink, pinkish-yellow, red, light brown and ink-black in the wares. The craftsmen also modulate all these aspects to achieve immense durability in their products. Aside of the regular articles, the Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An is also renowned for its bricks and tiles of various shapes and sizes. In fact its bricks and tiles are sourced out to the entire local as well as many foreign regions. It is the most trusted name for contractors engaged in tasks of renovation.
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Visiting Thanh Ha pottery village, you not only have deeper understand of a traditional job in Vietnam but also experience making pottery by yourself. Under the instruction of the artisans, you can learn from the forming pottery from clay, drawing, carving to baking and make well done products. It would be unique experience that hardly do the visitors find in industrial countries.
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