Hoi An now is become a really hot travel destination for both kind of tourist domestic and foreigners, The beautiful ancient town is nicely located on the coastline, it being known for its slow pace atmosphere and strong French influence. It’s a great place for any kind of travel activities, special it’s recommended for relaxing between bustling capitals cities, in the meantime staying in there are many things suggested to do. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Orientation walking.
Very valuable ancient town of Hoi An located on the bank of the Hoai River, local people and show on the maps commonly refer to it as the Thu Bon, of which it is actually a tributary.

With the endless rows of tailor shops along Hoi An streets that make it here become very fascinating, especially at first day or full moon day of lunar month. Almost directly south of the Japanese Bridge is the bridge over to An Hoi. Unlike the historic quarter, where everything closes by 21:30, on An Hoi you’ll find bars and restaurants open until midnight.

Every day from 08:00 AM to 11:00 and 15:00 PM till 21:30 PM, the ancient town area is closing down to motorbike or any vehicles and open only to pedestrians and cyclists. Certain sights within the old town such as pagodas, old houses and assembly halls require a 120,000 VND for entrance fee ticket. There are five spots which dedicated on the ticket highly recommended to visit, Chinese assembly temple, Japanese bridge, well preserved ancient house, culture museum, traditional handcraft house,

Having tailored made.
Hoi An now is definitely become a famous place to provide fashion courted for tourist mainly western because of its very reasonable from measure and make it 100% fit on you guys and very quick services well. Please make sure you have time enough for at least 2 things

There are many choices for having cloth made in here, from low quality to high quality material and skillful of tailor shop, anyway on this article we would like to recommended a few reliable address such as Yaly shop add: 26 Tran phu street, Dong A on Tran Hung Dao road, Thuy Thuy on Le Loi street, Ao Ba Ba on Tran Phu street… those shop are very reliable.
About price: it’s not fix price you can flexibility negotiated and of course feel how good compare to those stuff back home. Please noted don’t trust few woman who dragging in their shops or pretend to friendly first. Since the completed measurement they would ask for appointment for fitting one more time before it completed

1 days or half cycling tours
Full day or half day cycling tours to discover the beauty neighborhoods outside of Hoi An is one of the best things to do joining a small group or private tours on comfortable bicycles, riding through mostly peaceful back streets in Hoi An, understand an insight of the daily local life, especially get breathtaking, tranquil countryside along the way is definitely highlights choice of morning or afternoon.

Hoi An Cooking class.
Hoi An is the best place to learn and experience about Vietnamese food cuisines, there are a few courses, half day fun cooking lesson or full day course . Here are some well-rated restaurant-cooking schools, Red Bridge, with classes taking place at their beautiful riverside villa or a quickie class at Hai Cafe in town. The classic half-day program is US$35, included touring around Hoi An market and boat ride to their location. The indulgent caught our eye since you get to hand pick herbs in Tra Que vegetable village and the four featured dishes sound mouthwatering: clay pot fish with fresh dill, lemongrass shrimp grilled in banana leaf, grilled chicken with banana flower salad and finally, discover what it takes to make that heavenly beef noodle. It’s US$60, let’s take a look about sample Hoi An tours 

Hoi An Beach breaking.
Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam province own the premium Beach in central land of Vietnam, so be swept up in the tranquility and beauty of Hoi An’s beaches, here is definitely to recommended to spend a few days on the coast, relaxing by the seaside on Hoi An’s outskirts. The beach location is 4 km away from the town where there are so many nice resorts and hotels. It would be so nice to enjoy slow pace bicycle ride down to the beach for relaxing or taxi available all the time. This is just one of Hoi An beach combo if you want customize tours suite to your travel need, let’s contact us

Eco tour activities
Participate Eco tour production in Hoi An are absolutely interesting things to do in Hoi An, tour activities include is a beautiful bike ride through the country side – very tranquil and culturally interesting, local family host superb lunch that demonstrated through the mini cooking class. Planting bok choy in the vegetable village, having a go at preparing rice for cooking, planting rice on the field, water scooping for irrigation, flowing be hide the buffalo , ride on the back of buffalo is really great fun “Vietnam BMW” fishing with large nets and small bamboo rods. All those activities are interact with locals people (even though they couldn’t speak English