Besides the unique traditional yellow houses, the colorful world of lanterns also contributes to Hoi An’s irresistible appeal. The vibrant lanterns have created a magical and fairy vibe of the night in Hoi An.

As the conjunction of trading route and meeting point of different cultures, Hoi An is a stand-out representative of cultural fusion. It could easily see the strong influence of Chinese and Japanese culture in every corner of Hoi An. Together with the local culture, Hoi An owns a distinguished culture which is reflected strongly through beautiful lanterns.

The progress of making lantern was fully developed by the skilled craft man in town in 17th century. Unlike the paper lanterns of China or Japan, Hoi An’s lantern is wrapped by silk with the frame of bamboo sticks. Silk gives the lantern a unique, high-qualified, shiny vibrant and colorful looks.

Hoi An lanterns are the product of a totally hand-make process. Bamboo is soaked in water to achieve a certain level of durableness. The bamboo sticks are framed into various shapes and sizes. Silk fabrics are painted and decorated with the traditional patterns and glued to the bamboo frame. Each part of the process is carried out by a specialized hand. The final product is the result of an intricate and elaborated works of many people with great care for every detail.

Hoi An’s lanterns are handy therefore, it is a favorite souvenir among foreign tourists as they can easily bring home a piece of Hoi An to decorate their houses with dazzling light from the silk lanterns.

You can find lanterns in any souvenir shops in Hoi An. However, to have a real and authentic hand-made lantern, you should go to high-profile stores. You should know some tips on shopping in Hoi An.

To enjoy the lantern culture, you can choose to visit the lantern factory and or attend lantern making class. Ha Linh is one of the largest lantern factories of Hoi An, in which the lanterns are made all by hands of experienced craft man. Here you can witness the whole process of making a lantern and observed how they are made. These lantern factories also provide the on-site lantern-making class for you to try.