Mid-Autumn is one of the biggest festivals in Vietnam, just right after the Tet Festival. Unlike the quiet and calm atmosphere of the Tet Festival, Mid-Autumn is particularly fun and exciting time of the year in which a lot of special activities are held. If you are planning on traveling to Vietnam during this festival, you must seriously consider visiting Hoi An Town. Why? Because it could be said that it is in Hoi An that we will have the best Mid-Autumn festival ever.

Hoi An has been dubbed with the name “the town of lanterns.” You can see lanterns anywhere and anytime in Hoi An. However, one thing that makes Hoi An’s Mid-Autumn festival stand out is that every full moon, there will be a spectacular lantern festival in which lanterns will be floated into the water surface of Hoai River. The whole scene is like the Disney’s Tangled coming into life. What’s more, the whole town is shut off electricity. The town is all lit by only the light from candle and lantern. That is when the magic happens.

It will surely give you one of the most scenic, majestic and unforgettable moments of your trip in Vietnam. If you are in love with the Hoi An’s night, you could not miss this one-time in a year opportunity to witness the most vibrant night of Hoi An.

Unlike the modernized city like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An still keep the authentic, and intact soul of the festivals. Kids enjoy more space to have the lantern parade and more activities.

Keeping the old style building gives Hoi An’s residents a greater advantage in following the sight of the moon. Hoi An also boasts many brilliant and wonderful roof-top bars, which provide the ideal location to enjoy a full moon night. You can stop by a rooftop bar to see the glorious well-lit town from above and adore the full moon beyond. Don’t forget that moon cake and tea will make a great company with your moon contemplation.

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The lion dance is also performed during this time. There will be professional lion dance performing crew as well as the amateur crew made up of kids in town. The crowd is led by Chu Teu and the lion dance crew will parade along the street and stop by some business and shop to bless luckiness. And in return, the business owner will give them some money.

Hoi An is surely the place where you can enjoy the greatest Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam.